Boxes of Beef

We sell beef in boxes for the freezer .  The meat is hung for three to four weeks, as is traditional to improve flavour and tenderness. The cuts of meat are individually packaged, clearly labelled and weighed and are delivered fresh ready for immediate use or freezing.
 Typical box contents:
Fillet Steak                                                    400g
Sirloin Steaks (or T-Bone)                         900g
Rump Steaks                                                 1.2kg
Rib Eye Steaks                                              550g
Braising Steak                                               1.2kg
Stewing Steak                                                1.2kg
Minced Steak                                                 2.7kg
Top Side Joint                                               1.4kg
Silverside                                                        1.4kg
Brisket Roll                                                    1.1kg
Shin Beef                                                        700g
Beef Burgers                                                  1.2kg
Beef Sausages                                                900g

The cost of the box above weighing 15kg would be £150.00.
(Weights of the various cuts may vary slightly from box to box and thus so will the price)

 Individual portions are clearly labelled and weighed.

If it is just individual pieces of beef you require, you can find us at Heswall Farmers' Market on the third Saturday of each month in the Church of the Good Shepherd Parish Hall 10.00am till 2.00pm.

Please Contact Us regarding availability.