Beef Production

We run a herd of Suckler Beef Cattle at Oldfield Farm. The nucleus of the herd is composed of Pedigree Dun Galloway cows and we currently have a Dun Galloway bull. We also have some cross bred Aberdeen Angus, South Devon and Simmental cows.
The Galloway originates in South west Scotland and is famous for its tender, flavoursome meat.

We believe in raising our cattle as naturally as possible. Calves are born in the Spring and in the Autumn and stay with their mothers until they are approximately one year old. They are then weaned and turned back out to pasture. Our fields overlook the Dee Estuary and are constantly subject to the salty sea breezes. We expect that this plays a part in the exceptional flavour of our beef. The youngsters are brought back inside to be finished (ie. fattened for the butcher) when they are approximately eighteen to twenty months old. When inside they are fed only grass silage, hay and home grown barley. Our animals will go to slaughter between about twenty and thirty months of age. We believe are animals have the right to the very best quality of life right up until this time so for this reason we transport them, in small numbers, to the local butcher ourselves. We believe this reduces their stress as they are with familiar faces. We think that this further improves the quality of our beef.